Monday, December 17, 2007

Why I love it here

I've been down on New Jersey. I have to admit it. Being born and mostly-raised in New York, I had an appropriate air of superiority over the Garden State. Gleefully admitting that I had never been through the Holland or Lincoln Tunnel until I met my husband, who is foreign so didn't know any better than to live here (insert nose stuck up in air here). But he was smarter than me. And just when I begin to lament our high property taxes and unbearable lack of car insurance, New Jersey backs full rights for gay partnerships (a marriage amendment would have been better) and becomes the first state to abolish the death penalty.

I love this state!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Why No Hilary?

This is the question a friend asked me after my pro-Obama post. And my answer was not deep or filled with facts and backup statistics. My answer came from my gut: "I just don't trust her." I cannot believe that someone who has been in Washington for as long as she has been and involved in campaigning for both herself and her husband does not owe everyone something. She has more sponsors than Star Jones' wedding. She does not get to walk into the White House her "own woman." She is owned and those debts are going to be paid with our tax dollars, with our health care and our education benefits. I don't trust her. And I am not sure how she can repeatedly mention that she has the scars to show that she has been a healthcare advocate for the last 20 years. She hasn't advanced health care at any point in her tenure as Senator and she got spanked when she tried to do it as First Lady. And I am to believe that somehow she is going to be able to do it as President? Sorry. When a player loses that many games they get fired or traded.
Of course, all that being said, I am a Democrat and I will vote in the final election for a Democrat. I just really hope I won't be voting for her.