Monday, June 27, 2011

Eat, Pray, Love and Navel Gazing

Okay, I am a bit behind. I just saw the movie after reading the book months after it came out. I could have skipped the Italy part of the movie but was completely in love with the India - pray section. Partly because a secret desire of mine is to go to India, study with a guru and be silent and serene for weeks. But serenity begins within. So, I really don't have to go anywhere for that. What the movie did do for me, that the book didn't as much, was bring to clarity Elizabeth Gilbert's excessive navel-gazing and privilege. A successful career, money in the bank, no children and now no husband. She had no attachment to anything that walked on this earth so she could go and "find" herself. Which has always been the job of priviledged, mostly white, people. But then I had a thought: I come from some of the strongest stock of people in the history of this universe, anyway. Black people could have gone the way of the dinosaur, but we didn't. We adapted and survived and each generation works to improve upon the wonder of those who came before, well at least some of us do, and those of us who can work like hell to help those who can't yet. So I don't need to go anywhere to find myself. I am right here.

So, I will feed myself in my own kitchen. Pray on my own floor. And find love in my bathroom mirror. Let's start with the eating part. And I know some of you are sick to death of the myriad of blogs I have. Impossible to keep up with all the stuff going on in my life. I know. Better living through chemistry helps. And I tend to lock onto an idea and then see another bright and shiny thing and lock on to that. No longer. I have my kids this summer because we cannot afford to send them to camp in this expensive city, so I have picked up the recession camp blog. This blog, Nanda Mama will always be home base for me to come back and reflect and hopefully start a dialogue on some of the things that make me go --- hmmmm. But yes I am adding another blog to the list and it is entitled quite simply - Keisha-Eats. For years I have dabbled in healthy eating even before I went to IIN - Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Finding my health, healing my gut, soothing my soul, has been an eternal struggle. So I made the decision to give myself a couple of gifts this year. Nothing strenuous. Nothing outrageous and barely possible. And nothing expensive. I am going raw vegan, as best I can, for the summer. Cancer kicked my ass - no sense in lying about that. And even though I ended treatment three years ago this coming July, I am just now dealing with the fallout, the emotions, and the anger of having had to go through that particular life lesson. And the fog is finally starting to lift. I am a life learner. And also someone who feels that she has quite a few books in her to write. But still trying to figure out what it is I want to write about. What do I want to say? So many things. There are so many things I am interested in that I am hoping this time - this year - I am giving myself to center and come home to myself will clarify some things. So stick here if you want to hear my daily, weekly, monthly musings on life and whatever other piece of lint I pick out of my navel. Come to recession camp if you want to see how I get all four of us through the summer with nothing more than a metrocard. Or come on over to my newest venture Keisha-Eats, which will make it's premiere soon. Loving you all fiercely!

Be well


John Garrett said...

Hey can you tell me how to combine Saltines, pork rinds, tobasco sauce and other assorted condiments into a healthy meal??

I will be indebted to you forever, if so.

Oh yeah what's the link to the new blog? Is that under wraps until the debut?

Nanda Mama said...

Mmmmmm pork rinds. I will work on that JG but I think you are going to have to add a vegetable and ketchup does NOT count!

I want Keisha-Eats to also be a reference place,so under wraps until next week,I think.

John Garrett said...

Curses. Vegetables -my mortal enemy. What about Catsup?

Nanda Mama said...

No! No matter what Bush Sr. said!

kare o' the mountains said...

as always, i love following you and your blogs. i saw the Eat/Pray/Love when it came out, and i remember following a few FB discussions about it as well. i share your critiques and your appreciation ... though mostly i wanted to go back to Italy and eat eat eat! I've been thinking about what it is about this film and Elizabeth Gilbert's book that people are drawn to. Sure, i think the fantasy of not having attachments is part of it. Along with the fantasies of being in these different places. But I think there's also something about the desire to be on a spiritual journey that resonates for a lot of people. of course, i'm biased. i wanted so much more from the film, and i wanted it to be so much better, and yet, i was drawn to it. anyway, time for bed over here on the California coast. sending you much love from my journey to yours!!