Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sick and Tired

As the old saying goes: "I am sick and tired of being sick and tired." Me too. But today I am legitimately sick. I often couch my illnesses in new-agey terms like "I am manifesting symptoms" so as not to let fate get a hold of me. Playing cagey with the universe doesn't really work if in your head and heart you are saying: "I feel like s*&t!" Today I do. And I cannot spend one more minute in bed with the covers over my head, no matter how much I love the smell of the fabric softener. So I went grocery shopping and ran another errand and now I am convinced that a truck ran over me. So back to bed I go.

What is it in us that won't allow us to be tired? To take a break? To get off the runaway train that can become (and most often just is) our lives. Is there really anything that important that I cannot lay down? I think it is time to step back when I feel that as a mother, wife, friend, sister, daughter, I am irreplaceable for a few hours. My kids have the right idea. When they don't feel well they climb into my bed (they apparently like the smell of the fabric softener too), cuddle down deep and ask for the remote control. Their little voices getting just loud enough to order me to make them soup, rub their backs and help them to the bathroom. Got it. I am going back to bed. The world will continue to turn on it's axis until I get up again.

in peace

photo by ratterrell


DoulaMomma said...

feel better, chica. thanks for the good tune (gotta love Chaka Kahn!)

and stay in bed - it's an order - you have permission (I sometimes crave being told or being given permission - lame, but true)

carriex3 said...

take it easy.............