Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rising to a Challenge

Okay, my friend Doula Momma challenged her readers to post six things about ourselves that we have not already posted on our blogs. Well that could be a great many things!

1. I am going back to school.
2. I HATE doing dishes and will put off doing them for as long as humanly possible.
3. I am physically unorganized and mentally too organized.
4. I want more children but know I cannot have any more and this makes me sad.
5. I scream at my kids - Alot.
6. I am socially liberal and morally conservative while respecting other's rights to make their own choices, I still wish they would agree with me!

I don't think I know six people with blogs - tells you I need to get out more, so I will post this on my facebook page!

But I am tagging my sista - Minkgirl, so tag girl, you're it!

in peace

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