Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why I am Angry With Elizabeth Edwards

I know, this is old news, but I JUST saw the Oprah episode where she was on discussing her new book and the infidelity of her husband John Edwards; who I was planning to vote for for awhile. Then I realized he was a bit smarmy long before the "scandal." I am not upset with Elizabeth because she stayed with John. I am also not upset that in the interview she seemed to be in either deep denial or lying the way she kept looking at the ceiling and searching for an answer. What I am angry about is this statement, that whether the child is John's or not does not affect her life. What the hell?! I cannot believe she said that. I also cannot believe that someone who would want to protect and forgive their spouse for not giving them the ONE thing they asked for shouldn't care about another life. Should care about a life that might be partly her husband. I don't think I could remain married to a man who did not live up to his responsibilities. What makes her and her children so different and more deserving than this woman's child? If in fact the child is John's. Because she is married to him?

Now let me back up. I am not usually interested in the goings-on of politicians. But I liked John Edwards and I believed in his message. And I don't really care if he was unfaithful or not. But what moved me about his campaign promises was his commitment to poverty and uplifting people in poverty and that includes, implicitly single-parent homes. Now I know the woman he was having an affair with can probably afford to raise this baby on her own. And that she is probably a single mother by choice. I get that. What I don't get is how, even if you are not going to marry the other mother of your child you wouldn't be responsible for their presence on the planet? What kind of baby daddy are you? I don't know all that happened behind the scenes. And I definitely don't know if a paternity test was given, but come on. Really? You're not going to find out and take responsibility? And if you do decide to be responsible for this other life your wife will not be affected by it? It won't impact Elizabeth's life? She is lying. You cannot in one sentence say that you think women should treat other women with respect by not interfering with their marriages and then say - well, the life of that women and her child will not affect me. I like Elizabeth Edwards. Really I do. But I am pissed as hell with her right now. And maybe since the original airing of this interview she has changed her position some. But right at this moment, having just come from watching it, I am disappointed at the level of her denial and lack of care for the life of a child, no matter who their father is.

Just my thoughts!

We are blessed may we recognize the blessing!

in peace

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