Monday, January 5, 2009

Reading the Fine Print

G-d is in the details. I believe this. The Devil can be there too, however. I was finally getting the packets ready for my recommenders for graduate school - you know those forms that you agree to waive the right to see but hope that most of the people will send you a copy anyway! And there in almost infinitesimal script are the words: "Academic writing sample blah blah blah 25 pages." WHAT! 25 frickin' pages?! I haven't written anything that long since the last grad school adventure and even then I think it was only 20 after you used acceptable margins. So I call the office of admissions (26 days until they are due) and I ask if I can send in parts of my thesis. No. It has to have been written in the last 5 years. That paper was written in 1999. So not only do I have to write those damnable essays I have to write a 25 page paper.

What is the lesson here? Pay attention. Especially to the fine print.

We are blessed, may we recognize the blessing

in peace


carriex3 said...

YOU ROCK!!!!!!!! I am still dragging my feet, do I go for the studio and jewelry, or go back to school, think Carrie think!!!!!
YOU ARE ALSO SILLY, we are WANTING you to join the January fitness craziness:)

Anonymous said...

You have to do what?!? In how many days? Do you even have a topic? Oh, you have my sympathies!

When you're ready for feedback, just yell if you'd like an editor. I'd like to support you in this venture, if I can. And I would love put my ridiculously extensive knowledge of the APA style guide to use for something other than just consulting project reports.

-Julie Z.

LunaSoror said...

wanna pay Ben to write one for you! LOL

Nanda Mama said...

Thank you Carrie!

Julie, I may take you up on that offer. I am going back for religious studies - ethics and I think my paper is going to be "the ethics of dying" but i need to get more specific than that.

Laura - thanks but I don't think there is enough money in the world!

LunaSoror said...

having thought a lot, at various times, about dying . . . I know hospice has some interesting stuff on it, as well as thanatology studies. wishing I could help you.